It’s hard to admit I’m so contradicted

This is the second time I’m entering MKMMA. And I know that the journey will bring me closer to my true self. But that’s where I start to see the problem or challenge. I can be so many things it’s scary. The more i want to do what I have to do the more the resistance intensifies. I’m scaling a smooth slippery mountain that is quite steep and instead of moving up even though I’m climbing i’m moving down or not at all. Strange. I want to move up. It’s time.

Change. All we need is change.

Time is rolling quiet and unchanging. We are getting older and not always wiser. However we’d like to be wiser and smarter about the choices we make and eventually all will work out. But is more than that. We must decide to change the life we have for the life we want. but how do we  do that? Well here comes the kicker: we do the mkmma program and with a bit of work and determination we’ll get closer to where we want to be. But is not easy and it’s understandable. Nothing comes easy until we learn to do what;s necessary. I have to admit is a struggle. THird week in and thinks are playing up. Old programs fighting you every step of the way. but we must persist in this quest for a better life. Thanks Mark J and all involved in the delivery of the program. Regards Florian

Things are tough

Have you ever heard that sometimes before thing get better thy’ll get worse? Well, it’s happening to me. Right after the second webinar situation arose when a big blow happened in the family and some bad things came out and for now we’ve broken the relationship with one of our daughters and her husband. Bad Bad Bad. I tried to justify it by making all sorts of analysis but in the end I think is bad programing in all of us coming to the surface and we don’t know how to “respond” to the situations. I will keep going to get the programing changed so that the authentic us can come up and the genuineness of our person may become the moving force in the world starting with our families healing the wounds and moving forward.